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The Ft Worth Stockyards Engagement Session 

Sydney and Russell are such an awesome duo! They are both big lovers of the town that they live in, Fort Worth. So naturally, they enjoy going to the Ft Worth Stockyards and experiencing the fun night life that the town has to offer. Therefore, they wanted to infuse that local love into their engagement session, and let me tell you, it was a blast! Keep scrolling to soak in the magic of this amazing couple and their gallery.

Sydney & Russell’s Ft Worth Stockyards Engagement Session

They started off the engagement session with a classic and timeless vibe. Sydney wore a beautiful white dress which perfectly complemented Russell’s blue suit. And those heels Sydney wore? Total show stoppers, with their adorable white bows adding an extra touch of charm. Sydney and Russell even popped some Champagne to celebrate! Trust me, the photos from this part turned out absolutely amazing!

Then, Sydney and Russell slipped into more casual attire. It definitely reflected their laid-back style and love for their hometown! Sydney wore a dress with boots and Russell wore a button up with some jeans. We then strolled around the iconic Ft Worth Stockyards, capturing moments that showcased their authentic connection and love. We eventually made a stop in front of the Hotel Drover which they love! So it was obvious we had to swing by. The hotel’s neon cowboy sign provided the perfect backdrop for some fun and memorable photos!

Ready for your own Engagement Session? 

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Come see more of Sydney and Russell’s engagement photos below!


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