I know, it sounds totally cliché for a wedding photographer to say, but I’ve always loved weddings. I am my friends most reliable celebration attendee and cake deliverer, so it only makes sense that life tugged me by my camera strap into the world of wedding photography.

But for me, it’s not just about the love stories—it’s about my signature, timeless approach to documenting them, making every moment effortless and fun!

If your venue is dimly lit, I’ll bring in neutral backdrops to help you achieve your editorial vision. If your flowers are your favorite detail of the day, I’ll capture them with extra care. If your Chanel perfume was a special gift from your fiancé, I’ll feature the bottle in the early morning detail photos.

Above all, I aim to serve you and bring your photography vision to life, so I’ve built a process in which every single aspect reflects that mission. My primary goal is this: create a cohesive gallery that you and your family will cherish forever.

Because after the bouquets wilt and you enjoy the final slice of wedding cake on your first anniversary, your photos are your only lasting mementos from the best day of your life.

You've found the JIM to your PAM! Now, let's tell your story.

MEET Christina

...or documenting love stories at elegant estates across the south, you’ll find me hanging out with my two boys, Mason and Enzo, or catching up on the latest episode of Yellowstone with my husband, Travis. 

But enough about me! It’s your story I can’t wait to tell! Let’s craft your unique wedding photography experience as we prepare for the celebration of a lifetime. 

When I'm not working on mood boards with brides...

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With a servant’s heart and astonishing eye for detail, Christine is the best second photographer a girl could ask for! She will offer you water before you even think to ask for it, and she never misses a rogue hair tie on a bridesmaid’s wrist. I can’t wait for you to meet her!



I simply couldn’t work a day job, love two kiddos, AND manage a thriving photography business without the incredible support my husband gives! He never bats an eye when I tell him a new crazy idea, and he always lifts me up when I’m feeling overwhelmed. You might even see him at your session, because he often keeps me company on the car rides!



These little guys are the final members of my support staff. My older son will often pull up a chair next to me to snuggle as I edit, while the baby sits in my lap. Sometimes he slaps the keyboard turning the sky in a photo hot pink, but it’s nothing a quick click of the undo button can’t fix. And the laugh is beyond worth it! These two definitely keep life interesting, and they are the “why” behind what I do.

My Kiddos

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I believe the most beautiful images are taken when you feel calm, comfortable, and confident. So, everything I do -- from booking day to delivery day -- is directed toward ensuring you feel your absolute best each time you step in front of my camera.

How do I do it? I’m so glad you asked! Take a peek behind the scenes by choosing your client experience below. 

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