May 7, 2024


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Spring Senior Photography Session in Houston

There is something I absolutely love about senior sessions. The outfits, the excitement from seniors, the cap and gown photos, and more! When Kinslee came to me for a senior photo session, I was immediately excited. Senior sessions are not just about photos in a cap and gown, they’re about celebrating the journey, and the achievements they’ve had all throughout school! With Kinslee, I knew we were about to capture some amazing photos but also have a fun and memorable experience. Keep reading to see and read more about Kinslee’s senior photography session!

Kinslee’s Senior Photography Session

For this session we chose two locations. Rice University campus and Houston Museum District. Starting off at Rice university we got some amazing shots of Kinslee. The flowers throughout the session gave this senior session such a spring vibe, which I loved! She wore a casual outfit for this part of the photos. She then did an outfit change into a beautiful blue dress paired with white cowboy boots. This was my favorite outfit of the senior photography session. Also, Kinslees sister Kylee was also there joining us! I actually shot Kylee’s senior photography session and Kinslee was there for her session. Therefore, it was only fitting for Kylee to join in on Kinslee’s session. We had a lot of fun together! Before we headed to our next location, Kinslee pulled out her Prada sunglasses and we got photos of her killing her look. 

We then headed to Houston Museum District where Kinslee had another outfit change. She wore a white dress that complemented the spring vibe of this session. Oh also, one thing I want to mention is how gorgeous Kinslee hair is! Seriously! It’s so full of volume and I am so jealous! Scroll through this gallery and you’ll know exactly what I mean! Kinslee then put on her cap and gown and we snapped some photos in that. On her cap and gown she had the US flag and the El Salvador flag, representing both of her countries. 

Looking for a Senior Photographer? 

Bring your favorite outfits and your cap and gown and let me capture your senior photos! I can help you choose the right location. If you are looking for more inspiration check out this blog! You can contact me here! I can’t wait to hear from you! 

A woman in a blue floral dress stands smiling amidst pink flowering bushes, looking to her left in a sunlit garden setting.


Come see more of Kinslee’s photos below!


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