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Classic Galveston Engagement Photos At The 1874 Guest House

Hallie and Reece had their engagement photos taken at the beautiful and immaculate 1874 Guest House. This stunning home, in historic Galveston, is so unique and chic. It was the perfect place for them to celebrate their new engagement! Plus, Galveston holds special significance for Hallie and her family. Because of this, it made them that much more excited to capture their engagement photos here. This elegant couple looked absolutely stunning! Hallie’s black dress and Reece’s blue suit complimented each other perfectly. As they walked through the home, where every room is a whole new backdrop, they did some classic poses that they pulled off flawlessly, and really put their love and affection on display! Their photos were instantly THE classic Galveston engagement photos! Come check it out and see how fun and unique your engagement photos can be too!!

Hallie and Reece’s Classic Galveston Photos at The 1874 Guest House

Hallie and Reece are getting married at The Tremont House later this year. So, we knew we had to take advantage of this time in their lives to document this moment! Fun fact: this gorgeous venue was actually built the same year Galveston was founded! Although the original Tremont home was destroyed in a fire, then again in a hurricane, the now majestic hotel stands strong! And thank goodness it does, but this place is to die for. One thing I love about The Tremont House is that it has many different areas for hosting events, and any one of them would be incredible for their special day! After taking their engagement photos and seeing their future wedding venue, I can confidently say this will be a very elegant and classic wedding! I can’t wait!!

Halfway through they decided to change into something a bit more casual, but still very elegant and very them! They chose to move onto the exterior of the home and have a little more fun. It was so awesome!! And, the fact that the outside of the property is just as beautiful as the inside made it that much better! As they explored the outside of the home they looked so radiant and so ecstatic. They are a couple truly in love!! Thank you Hallie and Reese for trusting me to bring their engagement photos vision to life!!

Ready to make the best memories ever with me by your side and have your engagement photos the exact way you want them? Count me in!! I would love to be a part of your monumental moments. If you’d like to, you can learn more about me here, and if I sound like the perfect fit for you whether its for your Galveston engagement photos or wedding please, inquire here! I can’t wait to hear from you!! Until then feel free to look at some more of my blogs and keep scrolling for more photos of this beautiful engagement session.

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Come see more of this unique engagement session below to get inspired for yours!!

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